The spirit of Sister Divine

Revitalizing the old ways

How it started

Sister Divine was created in the Summer of 2020 in the middle of a world crisis. The message was clear we had to continue to LIVE our lives and no longer hide away in the darkness, we had to gather as powerful women like they had for generations before us. We recognize when women gather in a circle it has a magical ripple effect on the community around us and brings real change to the entire world.

Why we gather

We get together weekly to create and get to know our sister community, to support our fellow sister leaders, and to grow our consciousness as a collective through new rituals, practices, and healing modalities. Sister Divine is not a therapy group, we do not overly discuss life, gossip, or grievances.

Sister Divine is a gathering of like-minded women on a transformational journey of light and divinity. We cultivate beauty, abundance, love and strength through the heart, hand, and intuitive mind of a supportive sisterhood.

Meet your Sister D support team

While Sister Divine started in Sedona, AZ and the mothership lives there, a few of us have taken it with us as we've expanded our magic. 

Emily Morin

Creator & Founder
Sedona, AZ

Tulsi Bella

Sister Sage
St. Augustine, FL

Mallory King

Sister Sage
Steamboat Springs, CO